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"Explore  a curated collection of articles, podcasts, and features highlighting the impactful work and initiatives spearheaded by Jason Sharif and RESPECT The Haven Community Development Corporation. Discover the latest news stories, interviews, and community spotlights showcasing our commitment to empowering the Whitehaven neighborhood and fostering positive change in Memphis. Join us on this journey as we celebrate progress, engagement, and the vibrant spirit of our community."

Daily Memphian - "Ten Shelby County Schools boys and girls clubs to join Boys & Girls Clubs of America"

In the Daily Memphian article titled "Ten Shelby County Schools boys and girls clubs to join Boys & Girls Clubs of America," readers can delve into the exciting partnership forged between ten Shelby County Schools boys and girls clubs and the esteemed Boys & Girls Clubs of America. This collaboration promises to usher in a new era of opportunity for students, amplifying avenues for youth development and growth. Within this transformative alliance, Jason Sharif plays a pivotal role as a driving force behind the initiative, advocating for enhanced resources and support to enrich the lives of students in the Shelby County Schools community.

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Leaders of Color - "Alum Jason Sharif builds community in Memphis"

Read about the impactful work of alum Jason Sharif as he builds community in Memphis. Explore his leadership journey and the positive changes he is driving in the city.


Podcast - "Respect The Haven with Jason Sharif"

Tune in to "Respect The Haven with Jason Sharif" podcast episode to hear firsthand from Jason Sharif about his vision for community development in Whitehaven. Gain insights into his initiatives and the impact they are making in the neighborhood.

Respect The Haven! With Jason Sharif.Memphis Metropolis
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Local Memphis - "RESPECT The Haven CDC offers community development for Whitehaven neighborhood"

RESPECT The Haven Community Development Corporation is offering vital community development programs and services in the Whitehaven neighborhood. Learn about the organization's efforts to empower residents and promote positive change.

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Local Memphis - "Grassroots organization RESPECT The Haven empowers Shelby County youth"


FOX13 Memphis - "Whitehaven native creating hub of resources for young people"

Local Memphis - "Companies partner to bring affordable housing complex to Whitehaven"

Learn about the collaboration between companies to bring an affordable housing complex to Whitehaven. Discover how this project aims to address housing needs in the community and promote economic development.


Action News 5 - "Whitehaven lights tree, Mayor-elect Paul Young speaks about hope for the city"

Read about the heartwarming event where Whitehaven lights its tree, featuring remarks from Mayor-elect Paul Young about hope for the city. Experience the festive spirit and optimism as the community comes together.

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