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 Improving Our Public School Facilities 

Jason Sharif, a proud product of Memphis's public school system, recognizes the critical need for modern and safe school facilities. Drawing from his experience as a sixth-grade social studies teacher at Craigmont Middle School, Jason witnessed firsthand the challenges students and educators face in outdated and inadequate facilities. As a passionate advocate for education, Jason is committed to advocating for investments in infrastructure to ensure that every student has access to a conducive learning environment that fosters academic success and personal growth.

Improving Early Literacy 

Jason Sharif recognizes that early literacy lays the foundation for lifelong learning and academic success. Inspired by his own journey through Memphis's public school system, Jason is passionate about ensuring that every child has access to quality early literacy programs. Drawing from his experience as a teacher and advocate for educational equity, Jason understands the importance of early intervention and support. As a board member, Jason will advocate for investments in early literacy programs, professional development for educators, and community partnerships to support families in promoting literacy skills at home. Through collaborative efforts, Jason aims to ensure that every child in Memphis and Shelby County has the opportunity to develop strong literacy skills and reach their full potential.

 Increasing Mental Health Support and Social-Emotional Learning For Our Students 

Understanding the importance of mental health and social-emotional well-being in academic success, Jason Sharif is dedicated to expanding resources and support for students. His experience working with at-risk youth as a Child Protective Services and Juvenile Justice Case Manager has deepened his understanding of the challenges young people face. Through initiatives like RESPECT The Haven, Jason has seen the positive impact of holistic support systems. As a board member, Jason will prioritize initiatives that promote mental health awareness, provide access to counseling services, and integrate social-emotional learning into the curriculum to ensure that every student receives the support they need to thrive.

Increasing Family and Community Engagement

Recognizing the vital role of family and community in student success, Jason Sharif champions initiatives to increase family and community engagement within the Memphis-Shelby County Schools District. Drawing from his experiences as both an educator and community advocate, Jason understands the transformative power of strong partnerships between schools, families, and neighborhoods. Through innovative programs and collaborative efforts, Jason aims to create opportunities for meaningful engagement, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among students, families, and community members. By building bridges between schools and communities, Jason seeks to cultivate a culture of collaboration and support, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued in shaping the future of education in Memphis and Shelby County.

 Expanding Career and Technical Education pathways for our students 

With a keen eye on preparing students for success beyond the classroom, Jason Sharif advocates for the expansion of Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathways. Drawing from his experience as a Juvenile Justice Regional Coordinator and founder of the Boys & Girls Club at Westwood High School, Jason understands the importance of providing diverse educational opportunities. By expanding CTE programs, Jason aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the workforce and pursue fulfilling careers. Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, Jason will work to ensure that students have access to relevant and high-quality CTE programs that align with the needs of the community.

Focusing on Teacher and Staff Retention and Support

Jason Sharif believes that strong partnerships between schools, families, and communities are essential for student success. As the founder of RESPECT The Haven, Jason has spearheaded initiatives to engage families and community members in educational and civic activities. Drawing from his experience as a teacher and community organizer, Jason understands the importance of supporting teachers and staff members who play a vital role in shaping the lives of students. As a board member, Jason will prioritize initiatives that foster collaboration between schools and communities, support teacher retention, and provide professional development opportunities to ensure that educators have the resources and support they need to excel.

Empowering Students, Strengthening Communities
Jason Sharif's Campaign Focus Areas

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